Chemistry: Acrylic

WC – Water-based acrylic resin pigment dispersion

This is a low VOC (<35 g/L) aqueous pigment dispersion based on a styrenated acrylic resin solution.  The low viscosity of this system allows for high pigment loadings while remaining easily pourable.  This is a versatile dispersion used to tint water-based adhesives, caulking compounds, industrial, decorative and architectural coatings, paper products, textile inks, and aggregate coatings.


This is a low VOC aqueous pigment dispersion based on an alkali-soluble non-styrenated acrylic resin solution.  It is used where styrenated acrylic is not acceptable for weatherability and can be used to tint water-based automotive, industrial, decorative and architectural coatings and textile inks.


Chemistry: resin-free

WWT – Water-based, resin free, low VOC pigment dispersion

A resin-free aqueous pigment dispersion with zero VOC.  A proprietary additive package allows WWT to be compatible in systems where typical resins cannot function. This versatile product is used in water-based adhesives, caulking compounds, integral concrete, and industrial and architectural coatings. A full color range is available.