Chemistry: Acrylic

ACS – Universal solvent-based acrylic pigment dispersion

High quality pigment dispersion compromised of an acrylic resin and propylene glycol monomethyl ether (PM) acetate.  The ACS series is compatible in a wide range of solvent-based systems, including automotive, architectural, and industrial coatings, graphic films, floor coatings, wood finishes, concrete finishes, and adhesives. A full color range is available.


GAR – Solvent-based acrylic polyol based pigment dispersion

Pigments dispersed in solvent-based acrylic polyol for premium grade coatings applications.  The resinous grinding vehicle is isocyanate reactive with an equivalent weight of 650.  Compatibility includes polyol coatings and two-component urethanes for applications such as automotive and industrial finishes and floor coatings.

Chemistry: Resin-free

TBA – VOC-exempt* resin-free dispersion

A VOC-exempt* solvent-based, resin-free pigment dispersion that is compatible in a wide variety of applications.  Its unique additive package allows a high pigment loading to be completely dispersed without the use of a binder, resulting in its broad compatibility, including use in alkyds, acrylics, and urethanes.

* VOC-exempt in most of the US and Canada.  Please check with your state or local regulatory agencies.


Chemistry: Vinyl

VR – Solvent-based vinyl resin based pigment dispersion

The VR line is formulated with a blend of MEK solvent and solution vinyl resin.  These products are predominately used to pigment solvent-based vinyl roto-gravure inks for coated fabrics.  This product line also finds some use in solvent-based coatings.